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Condensed Matter Faculty

David Belanger
PhD UC Santa Barbara, 1981. Condensed matter experiment. Phase Transitions in random and frustrated systems.

Frank Bridges
PhD UC San Diego, 1968. Condensed matter experiment. Condensed matter experimental physics and planetary physics.

George Brown
PhD Cornell Univ., 1973. Condensed matter experiment.

Sue Carter
PhD Univ. of Chicago, 1993. Condensed matter experiment.

Josh Deutsch
PhD Cambridge Univ., 1983. Condensed matter theory. "The Polymator" - theory of polymers and protein folding.

Onuttom Narayan
PhD Princeton Univ., 1992. Condensed matter theory. Dynamics of granular and disordered systems

Zack Schlesinger
PhD Cornell Univ., 1981. Condensed matter experiment. Physics of correlated electron systems

Peter Young
DPhil Oxford Univ., 1973. Condensed matter theory. Phase transitions in quantum and disordered systems

Last reviewed 4/15/04