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ABOVE: Faculty and researchers from UC Santa Cruz sponsored Balloon Fest at Endeavour Academy at Paso Robles High School in April 2004. Balloon Fest allows high school students and their advisors to design, conduct and present atmospheric research.

The Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics' Outreach Program gets students electrified about learning physics using a Tesla Coil which generates dazzling electrical arcs about 5 feet (1.5 meters) in length. You can have a Tesla Coil Demonstration at your school to get your students charged up to learn about physics.

Please visit the Tesla Coil website to find out more about Tesla Coils, our particular Tesla Coil, safety instructions regarding Tesla Coil operation, pictures and movies of the Tesla Coil in action, and cool links having to do with Tesla Coils, physics, and science in general. If you would like to have a demonstration at your school, please contact the UCSC Tesla Coil Outreach program.


UCSC's new Einstein's Rocket website offers javascript versions of Einstein's thought experiments and several video games based on relativity. [More]


Students captured by levitating magnets
UCSC physics professor brings tricks of the trade to Alianza Charter [More]


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