Polymer Optoelectronics

We do research on polymer photovoltaics , light-emitting diodes (LEDs), electrochromic devices(ECDs).

On a separate page, you can find information on our work on polymer-based biosensors


Publications on photovoltaics

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About Polymer Photovoltaics

  Our most recent work in this area has focused on M3EH-PPV:PCBM blend photovoltaics. We have studied the effects of varying ratios of the two components and the associated changes in the morphology of the active layer on the device characteristics.

Light-emitting Diodes



Publications on LEDs

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About Polymer LEDs


Electrochromic Devices (ECDs)

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See a movie of an electrochromic device (Quicktime, 4MB)

About Polymer ECDs

We are examining the effects of polymer thickness, salt type and salt concentration on the optical contrast and current produced in an ECD device. The optical contrast of the device is the difference in transmission between the colored state and the uncolored state, which can help us understand many things about the physics of the devices such as the doping process and the band structure of the material. The cyclic voltammetry setup which we use is pictured to the right.