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Polymer (Electro/Thermo)chromics

  1. Reversible Thermochromic Effects in Poly (phenylene vinylene)-Based Polymers, J. M. Leger, A. L. Holt, and S. A. Carter; Applied Physics Letters 88, 111901 (2006) (PDF)

  2. Solid-state electrochromic devices based on poly (pheylene vinylene) polymers. Holt, A.L., Leger, J.M., Carter, S.A. Applied Physics Letters (86), 123504 (2005). (PDF)

Polymer LEDs

  1. Recombination Profiles in Poly[2-Methoxy-5-(2-Ethylhexyloxy)-1,4-Phenylenevinylene] Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells, J. M. Leger and S. A. Carter, B. Ruhstaller; Journal of Applied Physics 98, 124907 (2005) (PDF)

  2. Electrochemical and optical characterization of p- and n-doped poly[2-methoxy-5-(2-ethylhexyloxy)-1,4-phenylenevinylene], A. L. Holt, J. M. Leger, and S. A. Carter; The Joural of Chemical Physics 123, 044704 (2005) (PDF)

  3. Semiconductive Polymer Blends: Correlating Structure with Transport Properties at the Nanoscale. Ionescu-Zanetti, C., Mechler, A., Carter, S.A., Lal, R.; Advanced Materials 16(5): 385. (2004).
  4.   (PDF) (Correction)

  5. Thickness-dependent changes in the optical properties of PPV- and PF-based polymer light emitting diodes, J.M. Leger, S.A. Carter, B. Ruhstaller, H.G. Nothofer, U. Scherf, H. Tillman, H.H. Horhold; Physical Review B. 6805(5):4209 (2003). (PDF)

  6. Transient and Steady-state Behavior of Space Charges in Multilayer Organic Light-emitting Diodes, B. Ruhstaller, S.A. Carter, S. Barth, H. Riel, W. Riess, J.C. Scott; J. of Applied Physics. (PDF)

  7. Effects of polymer sidebranching in double- and single-layer polyfluorene light-emitting diodes, Nakazawa, YK; Carter, SA; Nothofer, HG; Scherf, U; Applied Physics Letters, V80 N20:3832-3834 (2002). (PDF)

  8. Charge Transport Processes in Organic Light-emitting Devices, J.D. Scott, J.C. Brock, J.R. Salem, S. Ramos, L. Bozano, and S.A. Carter; Synthetic Metals, V111, 289-293 (2000). (PDF)

  9. Bias-tuned Reduction of Self-absorption in Polymer Blend Electroluminescence, B. Ruhstaller, J.C. Scott, P.J. Brock, U. Scherf, S.A. Carter; Chem. Phys. Lett. 317, 238-44 (2000) (PDF)

  10. Self-assembled Nano-Composite Polymer Light Emitting Diodes with Improved Efficiency and Luminance, V. Bliznyuk, B. Ruhstaller, P. J. Brock, U. Scherf, S.A. Carter; Adv. Mat. 11 (15), 1257, (1999) (PDF)

  11. Temperature- and Field-dependent electron and hole mobilities in polymer light-emitting diodes, L. Bozano, S. A. Carter, J. C. Scott, G. G. Malliaras, P. J. Brock; Appl. Phys. Lett. 74 (8), 1134-4, (1999) (PDF)

  12. Temperature-dependent Recombination in polymer composites light-emitting diodes, L. Bozano, S. A. Tuttle, S. A. Carter, P. J. Brock; Appl. Phys. Lett. 73, 3911-3 (1998) (PDF)

  13. Electrical and Photo-induced Degradation of Polyfluorene Based Films and LED Devices, V. Bliznyuk, S. A. Carter, J. C. Scott, G. Klärner, R. D. Miller, D. C. Miller; Macromolecules 32 (2), 361-369, (1999) (PDF)

  14. Enhanced luminance in polymer composite light emitting diodes, S.A. Carter, J. C. Scott, P. J. Brock; Appl. Phys. Lett. 71 (9), 1145-7, (1997) (PDF)

  15. Bipolar charge and current distributions in organic light-emitting diodes, J. C. Scott, S. Karg, S. A. Carter; J. Appl. Phys. 82 (3), 1454-60, (1997) (PDF)

  16. Materials and Modeling for Organic LEDs, J. Scott, S.A. Carter, S.Karg, and M. Angelopoulos, Proceedings of the SPIE 1997; Vol. 3002, 86 (1997).

  17. Polymeric anodes for improved polymer light-emitting diode performance, S. A. Carter, M. Angelopoulos, S. Karg, P. J. Brock; Appl. Phys. Lett. 70 (16), 2067-9, (1997) (PDF)

  18. Polymeric Anodes for Organic Light-Emitting Diodes, J.C. Scott, S.A. Carter, S. Karg, and M. Angelopoulos; Synthetic Metals, 85(1-3):1197-1200 (1997). (PDF)
Polymer Photovoltaics
  1. The effect of broken conjugation on the excited state: Ether linkage in the cyano-substituted poly(p-phenylene vinylene) conjugated polymer poly(2,5,2',5'-tetrahexyloxy-8,7'-dicyano-di-p-phenylene vinylene), S. V. Chasteen, S. A. Carter, G. Rumbles (PDF)

  2. Comparison of Blended Versus Layered Structures for Poly(p-phenylene vinylene)-based Polymer Photovoltaics, S. V. Chasteen, J. O. Härter, G. Rumbles, J. C. Scott, Y. Nakazawa, M. Jones, H.-H Hörhold and H. Tillman, S. A. Carter (PDF)

  3. Exciton Dynamics and Device Performance in Polythiophene Heterojunctions for Photovoltaics. S. V. Chasteen, S. A. Carter, G. Rumbles, Proc. of SPIE (5938), 59380J-1, 2005.(PDF)

  4. Numerical Simulations of Layered and Blended Organic Photovoltaic Cells, J. O. Haerter, S.V. Chasteen, S. A. Carter, J. C. Scott, Applied Physics Letters (86), 164101 (2005). (PDF)

  5. Improving Power Efficiencies in Polymer - Polymer Blend Photovoltaics. A. J. Breeze; Z. Schlesinger; S.A. Carter; H. -H. Hoerhold; H. Tillmann, Solar Energy Mater. and Solar Cells 83, 263-271 (2004) (PDF)

  6. Efficient titanium oxide/conjugated polymer photovoltaics for solar energy conversion, A.C. Arango, L.R. Johnson, V.N. Bliznyuk, Z. Schlesinger, J. Hancock, and S. A. Carter; Advanced Materials, V12 N22:1689-1692,1642 (2000). (PDF

  7. Charge Transport in TiO2 / MEH-PPV Polymer Photovoltaics, A.J. Breeze, Z. Schlesinger, S.A. Carter, P.J. Brock; Phys. Rev. B 64, no.12, 125205/1-9 (2001). (PDF)

  8. Charge transfer in photovoltaics consisting of interpenetrating networks of conjugated polymer and TiO2 nanoparticles, A.C. Arango, S.A. Carter, P.J. Brock; Appl. Phys. Lett., 74 (12), 1698-700, (1999) (PDF)

Polymer Composites and Liquid Crystals

  1. 1/f noise through the Metal-Nonmetal Transition in Percolating Composites, A. Breeze,  S. A. Carter, M. Heaney, G. B. Alers; Appl. Phys. Lett. 76 (5), 592-4, (2000) (PDF)

  2. Splitting fingers under strain: Pattern formation of a dipolar fluid in a polymer medium, S. A. Carter, J. B. Nephew, K. Amundson; Langmuir 15 (25), 8558-60, (1999) (PDF)

  3. Reaction-induced phase separation dynamics: a polymer in a liquid crystal solvent, J. Nephew, T. C. Nihei, S. A. Carter; Phys. Rev. Lett., 80 (15), 3276-9, (1998) (PDF)

  4. The Effect of Morphology on the Optical and Electrical Properties of Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystals (PDLC), S. A. Carter, J. D. LeGrange, J. Boo, W. White, P. Wiltzius; J. of Appl. Phys. 81, 5992 (1997). (PDF)

  5. The Effect of the UV polymerization conditions on the Electro-optic Properties of Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystals, J. D. LeGrange, S.A. Carter, J. Boo, M. Fuentes, A. Freeman; J. of Appl Phys. 81, 5984 (1997). (PDF)


  1. A General Model for Amyloid Fibril Assembly Based on Morphological Studies using Atomic Force Microscopy, R. Khurana, C., Ionescu-Zanetti, M. Pope. J. Li, Marina Ramierz-Alvarado, L. Nielson, L. Regan, A. Fink, and S. A. Carter; Biophysical Journal, 85(2), 1125 (2003). (PDF)

  2. A model for amyloid fibril formation in immunoglobulin light chains based on comparison of amyloidogenic and benign proteins and specific antibody binding, R. Khurana, P.O Souillac, A.C. Coats, L. Minert, C. Ionescu-Zanetti, S.A. Carter, A. Solomon, A.L. Fink; Amyloid. 10(2):97-109 (2003).

  3. Surface-catalyzed amyloid fibril formation, M. Zhu, P.O. Souillac, C. Ionescu-Zanetti, S.A. Carter, A.L. Fink; Journal of Biological Chemistry. 277(52):50914-50922, 2002 Dec 27. (PDF)

  4. Monitoring the assembly of Ig light-chain amyloid fibrils by atomic force microscopyC. Ionescu-Zanetti, R. Khurana, J. R. Gillespie, J. S. Petrick, A. L. Fink, S. A. Carter; Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA, 96 (23), 13175-13179, (1999) (PDF)

Other (Correlated Electron Systems, etc.)

  1. Temperature Dependence of the Hall Angle in a Correlated
    Three-dimensional Metal
    , T.F. Rosenbaum, A. Husmann, S.A. Carter, and
    J.M. Honig, Phys. Rev. B57, R13997 (1998). (PDF)

  2. Magnetic Correlations in a Classic Mott System, W. Bao, C. Broholm,
    G. Aeppli, S.A. Carter, T.F. Rosenbaum, P. Metcalf and J.M. Honig, J.
    of Magn. Magn. Mat. Pt. 1, 177-181, 283 (1998). (PDF)

  3. Reaction-induced Phase Separation: a polymer in an anisotropic
    , J. B. Nephew, T. Nehei, S.A. Carter, Phys. Rev. Lett. 80,
    3276-9 (1998).

  4. Spin Waves Throughout the Brillouin Zone of (La,Pb)MnO3, T. G.
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Group Theses and Dissertations

Stephanie Chasteen, PhD 2005 Exciton Dynamics in Conjugated Polymer Photovoltaics: Steady-state and Time-resolved Optical Spectroscopy. Note: PDF file is not as-published, it has been reformatted for readability. A PDF of the as-published version is available here.
Janelle Leger, PhD 2005.

Electrochemical Doping and the Optical Properties of Light-Emitting Polymer Materials and Devices.

Peter Journey-Kilarney, BS, 2001 Photoaction Current Spectra of Polymer Solar Cells.